Tuition Assistance Application / Financial Aid Assessment

  • CTS has taken steps to provide excellent customer service to our clients.
  • CTS provides easy, convenient, online Tuition Assistance application and assessment.
  • CTS provides a thorough review and analysis of every tuition assistance application, with a detailed report to the school.
  • The CTS online system is very flexible, allowing for paper documents when preferred; and accommodating unique requests whenever we can.
  • CTS provides secure document archival and online review to each school for 5 years.

    Tuition Assistance - Grant & Aid Tuition Assistance Assessment


    Easy, Convenient Online Tuition Assistance Application

    • CTS has a clear, easy to understand online application.
    • Applicants may access the online application form directly through a link on the school's website or here.
    • The Tuition Assistance Application Form may be completed & uploaded online.
    • Both the school and the applicant will be notified whenever CTS receives an application for assistance.
    • Tax forms and other supporting documentation may be securely uploaded online to CTS or submitted by fax or US Postal Service.
    • We offer three easy payment options.




    • In situations when the school may receive the application and/or documentation from the family, the school may transmit all documents to CTS via secure upload, fax or US Postal Service.
    • The normal mode for applying would be online.
    • CTS will work with the school to make special accommodations whenever necessary.



    Detailed, thorough Analysis

    • We attempt to understand each school's goals and philosophy regarding tuition grants, aid and assistance when preparing our assessments.
    • The purpose of our recommendations will be to aid the school staff in their final decision regarding fund allocation. We verify income sources, amounts reported and listed expenses.
    • We verify the amounts on each application against 1040s, W-2s and other documentation to flag reporting errors and any out-of-line amounts.
    • CTS will follow-up on incomplete applications to collect necessary documentation.
    • Our summary report will indicate each family's overall financial condition along with our determination of what the "family's ability to pay" is for each application. Our assessment and recommendation will be for the school's use in making their determination.
    • The school maintains full control of the amounts of aid distributed.
    • Our reports will be emailed to the school.

    Easy, Secure Document Storage

    • CTS will archive digital files of all documents for school review for a period of 5 years.
    • Personal and financial information is protected by our secure environment.
    • We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol internet security for uploading and storing documents.



    Customer Service

    • We have skilled Customer Service Personnel to answer your questions that might arise.
    • Accessible Mondays through Fridays 8AM - 4PM Central time